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God Does Provide!

Jan. 25, 2011
The year of 2010 was an interesting one for my husband and I. Danny lost his surveying job in December of 2009 so we lived on unemployment for most of the year. In October, Danny started working at the Lees Summit transportation department as a bus driver. Needless to say, the pay is still about half of what he use to make. However, we feel blessed that he has a job in this economy. We would receive anonomous gifts here and there during the year (for which we were very thankful) but didn't always pay tithe on them. After our last gift, I felt so impressed to tithe, that I did. I have learned that the lord will provide, no matter what. After the Sunday we paid titihing, we received a gift which was ten fold of our tithing. It certainly taught me that we should always tithe and not worry about not having the money for our bills if we do. God always provides.